Brushes and Beverages

Columbus, Georgia, is a city that has something for everyone. For those looking to spend their date night exploring the river or enjoying fine dining at one of its many acclaimed restaurants, there are also other options available, including going on an evening stroll followed by drinks together as well as taking in some live music outdoors. If you’re feeling adventurous, try out Brush & Beverage Hall, where they have interactive art installations throughout, plus tons of fun activities during happy hour prices–it’s worth checking it all out.

What could be better than a nice, romantic date night? You could spend your time together exploring Columbus or enjoying some fine dining. But if you want something unique and different, there’s always Brush & Beverage – where they’ve got live music every day of the week.

You’re not really in luck if you thought that art class was for serious artists. This “Brush and beverage” night is actually all about having some drinks with your friends while doing paintbrush paintings on canvas.

Join them for a night of creativity as you paint and drink together. With an ever-changing roster that includes both visual art pieces from local artists, as well as traditional bake goods like cakes or cupcakes – there will be something to satisfy everyone.

We all know that painting is a very active and time-consuming process. With this class, you’ll learn how to paint on your choice of canvas or paper with oils (including additional supplies). But don’t worry – we’ll also provide some brushes, so it doesn’t require any special tools.

You’re going from being an artist without any skills at creating something beautiful into someone who can take their creativity anywhere they want by just grabbing one of these babies out here.

When you head out on your next date, don’t forget about the fun atmosphere of watercolors. Check with Brushes and Beverages for some open slots in their upcoming classes.

Painting for Fun at Brushes and Beverages is a fun and easy approach to spending time with friends. A two-hour session is offered six days per week, Monday through Saturday; you can reserve your seating by calling early. They’ll supply the paint (of course), canvas, and music– all that’s left now would be creating some masterpiece masterpieces together. To make it even more interesting, we offer step by steps instructions as well stencils if needed – the perfect choice whether this would just mean giving someone special their very own masterpiece.

Address: 1102 Broadway, Columbus, GA 31901.

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