Market Days on Broadway

Market Days on Broadway, located in Columbus, GA, is the perfect place to pick up some fresh produce or find that missing item you never knew existed. The market has everything from bread baking in ovens and spices hanging out next door at vendors’ tents—you name it.

Market Days on Broadway is among the most exciting places to be. You can smell freshly baked bread, hear gentle clanking wooden wind chimes in the breeze, and explore all different kinds of products at a low price.

Marked by the sounds of live music and laughter, Market Days on Broadway are a weekly tradition for thousands. The market takes place at an outdoor farmer’s square where you can find all your favorite foods as well as some new ones that might be just what you’ve been looking forward to.

If you are eyeing a place to enjoy some delicious food and bump into local growers, Market Days on Broadway is your best bet. Every Saturday from April through November, this large outdoor farmer’s market offers fresh fruits & vegetables as well as other items like handmade jewelry or pottery that are sure not only to make their mark but also leave an impression.

The Market Days on Broadway is more than just a destination to buy some groceries. It’s also home to 100+ vendors who sell everything from soap and candles to jewelry and art prints- you name it. The best part? You can get all your shopping done without ever having to leave our cozy little neighborhood streets behind us by heading over into this adorable little square semblance of Etsy or local boutiques back in Ballarat, where things are so expensive.

Market Days on Broadway has something for everyone. You’ll be able to enjoy the many food options, from your usual veggies and jams all the way up to exotic offerings such as tamales. There’s also face painting so you can get exactly what color scheme fits this day perfectly-or just have some fun with colors nobody will ever guess were supposed to be paired together in an outfit.

This weekend, make sure you don’t miss out on the Market Days event happening in downtown Athens. The small business owners of Georgia will be showcasing their products and giving back to those who support them by donating profits from certain items for sale.

This is an excellent opportunity not just as a tourist but also if our own state’s native sons want some unique souvenirs that can only be found here–something they won’t find anywhere else either because each individual has his or her own variations based on what she grows best at home.

Address: 1000 Broadway, Columbus, GA 31901.

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