National Civil War Naval Museum

The National Civil War Naval Museum is an excellent place to take the family for a day of learning, exploration, and fun. Interactive exhibits let you get up close with historic boats, while events like ship tours or musket firing sessions provide immersive experiences that will have your senses tingling.

The National Civil War Naval Museum is home to the CSS Chattahoochee, a steam and sail-powered gunboat that was sunk in 1865 near Columbus as part of an effort by Union forces who wanted control over this area. Visitors can explore both insides with exhibits on board about Mississippi’s role during America’s darkest times.

The National Civil War Naval Museum is a must-see for history buffs. The museum offers a glimpse into the life on board one ship and also allows you to enjoy some good old-fashioned battle reenactments. This museum is the perfect place to get an inside look at what life was really like during this time period. You can see how ships functioned in battle and even live on board one.

The U.S Navy’s first admiral, the USS Hartford, was a ship that allows you to appreciate the function of battle from its decks while also providing insight into what life aboard would have been like with restored living quarters available for viewing.

Having a love for all things maritime? Then it’s time to visit Port Columbus and take in some historical reenactments at the National Civil War Naval Museum. No matter what month or year you go, there will always be something exciting going on here.

Go experience the magic of living history at Port Columbus. The National Civil War Naval Museum has a variety of events throughout the year, so there’s always something exciting happening.

The story of the civil war is one that has been overlooked for too long. The National Civil War Naval Museum features galleries on both sides with displays about their respective navies during this time period; it’s important we remember these events, so they do not repeat themselves again.

Take your loved ones or friends on a trip down memory lane with this one-of-a-kind museum. Visit the National Civil War Naval Museum, where you can explore multiple exhibits and take part in engaging events that will educationally stimulate all learners.

The National Civil War Naval Museum is a great location to spend the day indoors as you view exhibits about various naval ships, collections of flags that have been throughout history, and more. On special occasions such as tea ceremonies or lectures, they offer fun events for your entertainment in addition to museums’ collections on display which changes frequently depending upon their latest findings.

Address: 1002 Victory Dr, Columbus, GA 31901.

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